Phase 2: Conducting Research

Phase 2: Conducting Research

Phase 2 will help you understand various research methods and guide you through recommended HRCD practices while applying that research to your development through the design, persona development, and ideation processes.

Chapter 4 – Research Methods

In chapter 4, you will learn about various research methods to help you decide which works best for you during your research process.


  • Learn about the different kinds of research methods used when centering human rights before building your product or service
  • Learn how to respond to the community’s threat model
  • Learn how to conduct iterative research to better understand their needs

Chapter 5 will cover design principles that center at-risk use cases in order to build safer, more accessible products for all.


  • Learn about principles guiding inclusive design
  • Understand why designing for at-risk groups can benefit society at large
  • Understand the difference between accessibility and usability
  • Better-understand co-design

In chapter 6, you will learn how to infuse HRCD into the persona-building processes.


  • Building personas 101
  • Journey mapping 101
  • Centering human rights throughout these processes

Learn how to use your research and iterate on it to ideate for your proposed design solutions.


  • Ideation 101
  • Learn how to iterate on your research to create responsive design models to help guide your process and prepare you for development